New Yahoo Search experience to start rolling out in the first weeks of 2024

Yahoo Search is expected to start rolling out aspects of its redesigned search experience in the first weeks of 2024. Brian Provost, the Senior VP and General Manager of Yahoo Search, said Yahoo Search will be launching in the very early days of 2024.

Brian Provost said this at Search Marketing Expo Next event during the question and answer portion of his talk today.

We are expecting more basic features, maybe a reskin and redesign to come out from Yahoo’s search team in the early weeks of 2024, maybe as soon as a couple of months from now. But then more of the AI and advanced features to continue to roll out in the future.

Watch what Brian Provost said. You can watch the replay of Brian Provost’s talk and Q&A session by registering for free at our SMX Next website and going to the SMX agenda at the 2:10pm session. Note, he spoke more about the release dates during the Q&A session.

Why we care. We have been expecting Yahoo to make its comeback to search since earlier this year and it seems we may be seeing that return in the near future.

I for one am looking forward to a new Yahoo Search experience.

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