Ongoing Google March Core Update, Googlebot To Crawl Less, Pay For Google Search AI & More

This week, I posted the big Google Webmaster Report for April; it is an excellent place to catch up quickly on the news. Google’s March 2024 core update had some volatility this week, and it is still rolling out. There are still no helpful content update victims who recovered, but there are core update recoveries. Google said when it comes to the helpful content update and core updaters it is not just about improving your site based on where that specific site was, but where it stands amongst the rest of the web. Google may charge for some AI related search features in SGE a report says. Google said it shows forums in the search results because searchers seek it out and like it. Gary Illyes from Google wants Googlebot to crawl less. Google said over focusing on links is a waste of time. Google Search Console had another reporting bug, again with images, again with Web Stories but also with AMP pages. Google local panels are testing next toggle buttons. Google is testing a cruise search result pack. Google Business Profiles has a new image uploader. Google is testing an ads carousel. Google is testing a label on ads that says the ads are related to your search. Google Ads call extensions with text or email options. Microsoft Advertising now has max conversion value on search campaigns. Reddit moderators continue to remove Danny Sullivan, Google’s Search Liaison, responses. Search for solar eclipse on Google and get a cool easter egg. That was the search news this week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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