Reddit is removing the ability to opt-out of ad personalization

Reddit is getting rid of the ability to opt-out of ad personlization based on users’ activity on the platform.

The change, which is being rolled out over the next few weeks, won’t increase the frequency of ads, but users can expect better targeted ads.

“Select countries” will still feature opt-out controls for Reddit users, however, specific locations have not yet been confirmed.

Why we care. This change enables Reddit’s models to better predict which ads may be most relevant to users, helping brands to reach higher-value consumers. Advertisers should prioritize reaching their target audience to enhance campaign effectiveness, improve cost-efficiency, and increase the likelihood of engagement and conversions.

Why now? In June, the platform’s CEO, Steve Huffman, told The Verge that monetization has become an increasing priority for Reddit: ” “Getting to breakeven is a priority for us in any climate.”

This change will enable Reddit’s models to identify relevant audiences more efficiently, enabling ads to be served to higher-value consumers, making it a more appealing platform for advertisers.

Specific category opt-out. Reddit is also now enabling its users to see fewer ads from the following categories:

  • Alcohol.
  • Dating.
  • Gambling.
  • Pregnancy & Parenting.
  • Weight Loss.

The platform explained it is using a combination of manual tagging and machine learning to classify ads. Although the change won’t be 100% successful to begin with, Reddit has said its accuracy will improve.

Toggle consolidation. In addition to the changes mentioned above, Reddit announced that it is consolidating two toggles so now there’s just one place to update your location preferences to help customize your feed and recommendations. It’s not certain if these settings will automatically impact post suggestions, and it’s yet to be confirmed if there will be an option to disable them.

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What has Reddit said?  Reddit’s head of privacy, “snoo-tuh” (Reddit does not reveal the identity of admins on the site), said in a statement:

  • “Reddit requires very little personal information, and we like it that way. Our advertisers instead rely on on-platform activity—what communities you join, leave, upvotes, downvotes, and other signals—to get an idea of what you might be interested in.”
  • “The vast majority of redditors will see no change to their ads on Reddit. For users who previously opted out of personalization based on Reddit activity, this change will not result in seeing more ads or sharing on-platform activity with advertisers. It does enable our models to better predict which ad may be most relevant to you.”

Deep dive. Read Reddit’s announcement in full for more information.

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