Threads is adding Instagram’s branded content tools

Threads is implementing branded content tools to give marketers access to paid promotion opportunities.

Meta’s new social platform doesn’t serve ads yet. However, this feature will enable brands to explore the possibility of running influencer campaigns.

Why we care. Meta is waiting until Threads reaches a critical mass before selling ad space, which is proving a little frustrating for brands wanting to be one of the first to advertise on the fastest-growing social app in the world. With that in mind, paid promotion opportunities could be an effective way for brands to connect with the Threads audience in the meantime, in a way beyond creating organic posts.

Following Instagram’s lead. Threads has adopted the terms of services implemented by its Meta sister platform, Instagram. The terms include guidance regarding sponsored content. Under these guidelines, Threads has to ensure that:

  • Brands use Instagram’s branded content tools when they work with influencers on sponsored content.
  • Only eligible brands have access to paid partnership labels to posts.
  • Brands clearly disclose paid partnership collaborations.

Why now? Marketers are eager to ensure that their brands are one of the first to establish their voice and identity on Threads, while it’s still one of the world’s most talked about social apps.

More than 100 million people signed up to Threads in its first week, and marketers are desperate to start reaching the platform’s users in the most effective way possible while it’s still trending.

Deep dive. Read our Threads FAQ guide for a more in-depth overview of the new platform.

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