Top 10 PPC expert columns of 2023 on Search Engine Land

Since Search Engine Land launched, we have given PPC experts a platform to share their in-depth knowledge and timely insights – with the goal of helping you solve problems, manage challenges and understand the constantly shifting landscape of paid search, paid social and display.

What follows are links to the 10 most-read, must-read Search Engine Land PPC columns of 2023 that were contributed by our fantastic group of Subject Matter Experts.

Learn how to avoid repeating some serious mistakes that advertisers have made with their Performance Max campaigns. (By Menachem Ani. Published Jan. 17.)

Getting Performance Max to work for lead generation programs without offline conversion data is very hard. Learn what you can do here. (By Menachem Ani. Published Feb. 14.)

Five tips for using Google Ads retargeting with email, organic traffic, cross-device tracking, direct mail, and social media. (By Adriana Stein. Published Dec. 1.)

Learn how to maintain or improve your performance in Google Ads and prepare for the removal of these high-quality audiences. (By Chelsea So. Published March 1.)

Google Ads is fundamentally changing the way recommendations work. Here’s why you should take extreme caution in applying any recommendation. (By Greg Finn. Published Jan. 5.)

Learn about the Hagakure method, a modern approach to Google Ads management that blends simplicity and automation for better results. (By Benjamin Wenner. Published Oct. 5.)

Use this script to provide GPT with facts about your account and get a performance summary that can be shared with clients and stakeholders. (By Frederick Vallaeys. Published June 5.)

Explore real-world examples of how to use the feature to speed up PPC data processing and visualization, insights generation, and more. (By Jason Tabeling. Published Aug. 31.)

This script can help you leverage GPT’s API to use the maximum number of RSA assets and, in turn, boost your paid search campaigns. (By Frederick Vallaeys. Published April 13.)

Learn how to use ChatGPT to level up your paid search efforts without sacrificing strategy, authenticity or creativity. (By Amy Hebdon. Published Feb. 1.)

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