Twitter is now brand X

Twitter is the past. X is the future.

The iconic blue bird icon has been removed from the desktop version of Twitter – replaced by a stark, monochromatic letter X. The same change will shortly be made on the mobile version, the company confirmed.

The change is also said to signal an evolution for the brand beyond social media, to an “everything app” best compared to WeChat:

Why we care. For users of X, the rebranding will indeed require sweeping changes to familiar vocabulary. People will “x” rather “tweet.” Presumably, on the mobile device, we will now see a list of users who recently “x’ed.” TweetDeck will surely become XDeck, although that has yet to be confirmed.

For marketers and advertisers, the change will underline questions already raised about brand safety. Last year, many sources noted a significant rise in hate speech on the platform. While Meta’s Zuckerberg has spoken about X competitor Threads as being “friendly,” the aesthetic of X inevitably comes across as minimalist, even brutalist — for example when the new logo is projected on the exterior of their headquarters like a sinister version of the Bat-signal.

Gone, advertisers, gone. Many big-spending advertisers abandoned or reduced spending on the platform since Musk bought it, resulting in an estimated 59% drop in Twitter’s U.S. ad revenue.

X. now points to, as Musk tweeted.

Musk has a long history with the letter X. He’s clearly fond of it; it remains to be seen whether a wider audience will find the name and logo relatable.

Breaking Twitter? Lots of speculation among the SEOs that this change could result in embedded tweets breaking – among other SEO impacts. Whether these things will actually happen remains to be seen. But here are a few embedded tweets (we’re living dangerously) discussing how Twitter/X may soon break (or not):

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