Will Google Confirm A Future Algorithm Update?

With all these unconfirmed Google search ranking updates over the past couple of months and the Google results being super volatile, we are all asking when Google will confirm the next Google search update.

The last confirmed update was the April 2023 reviews update, so it has been three months since Google confirmed an update – which is a long time for Google.

So what hints can we find from official Google representatives on if Google will confirm a new update and when?

Well, John Mueller of Google isn’t known from dropping hints on Google updates but he did say yesterday on Twitter, “We tend not to preannounce them. They’re ready when they’re ready.”

So maybe John is saying they will confirm one when there is one to confirm.

But also we had Danny Sullivan, Google’s Search Liaison, post a tweet and then delete it shortly later, where he wrote, “There’s always another core update in the banana stand. No news to share on when exactly the next one will come, but there will be one, of course.”

He deleted that tweet, for some reason.

He did joke and didn’t delete his tweet when I asked about it:

In any event, I am as surprised as all of you that Google has not confirmed another search update in three months but I suspect we should hear about a confirmed update soon.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

Update: Danny Sullivan clarified, we will always get another update:

And why did the tweet disappear?

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