YouTube issues guidance on when to post content to boost reach

YouTube issued guidance to creators and marketers on the best times to upload videos for maximum reach.

For news, trends, or content with a shorter lifespan, it’s best to post as soon as possible. However, if you’re sharing evergreen content, the platform suggests posting at whatever time suits you prefer.

Live videos. To maximize reach with live videos, YouTube advises going live when your analytics chart indicates that most of your audience will be available to watch.

Off-hour posting. YouTube Liaison Officer Rene Ritchie mentioned on X that if you post during “off hours,” like the early morning, the initial boost in views might be slower. Therefore, it’s important to adjust your expectations. However, he pointed out that over a few weeks or a month, the total views usually even out, regardless of the initial posting time.

Why we care. This guidance provides valuable insight into easily increasing reach by posting more strategically. However, if your content isn’t time-sensitive, YouTube confirmed that you don’t need to stress about researching optimal posting times– meaning one less thing to worry about in your content strategy.

What YouTube is saying. YouTube Product Lead Todd Beaupre said in a video shared on X:

  • “The way we designed the algorithm, we want to give audiences videos and other content that they’re going to be the most satisfied by. If the audience doesn’t really care whether you uploaded it at three in the morning or seven at night, then the algorithm shouldn’t care either.”
  • “What I encourage creators to do is when they have some of these questions, and they immediately think about the algorithm, replace the word algorithm in their question with the word ‘audience.’ That’s going to give you a better answer because we’re aiming to serve the audience.”
  • “The more you focus on understanding what your audience wants and finding the best fit with them, the algorithm is going to match that.”

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