YouTube Sees Significant Drop In Google News Visibility

It seems that YouTube is not showing up in Google News as often as it use to. Will Flannigan, the SEO Editor at the Wall Street Journal posted a chart from The Trisolute News Dashboard showing the drop in visibility experienced by YouTube in Google News.

This means that YouTube videos and results are not showing up in the Google News portal as often as it did. It went from a 9.7% to 1.5% in terms of how often YouTube shows in Google News. The drop in visibility seemed to have started the week of December 10, 2023.

Here is the chart Will Flannigan shared on X:

Youtube Drop In Google News

Will wrote, “I wonder what the heck is going on with YouTube visibility in Google News. Yuuuuge drop over the past few weeks.”

Yes, Google owns YouTube and YouTube generally does well in Google Search.

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