Daily Search Forum Recap: May 27, 2024

Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today, through the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable and other search forums on the web.

Google updated its AI Overviews help documents to show how to use web only filters and how to submit feedback. Google blasted the concept of toxic links. Google Search Console links report may be showing fewer links again. Google Image search now shows “See exact matches.” Google mobile is testing a large blue visit button in search. And today is Memorial Day, so Google’s logo is grayed out.

Search Engine Roundtable Stories:

  • In Face Of AI Overview Backlash, Google Updates Docs With How To Show Web Only Results & How To Give Feedback

    Google has updated its help documentation page on AI Overviews to tell searchers how to show only web results in its search results (not show AI Overviews, videos, image, etc), plus how to give feedback on the AI Overviews Google provides. This obviously comes based on the backlash Google has received on some of these AI Overviews.

  • Google’s John Mueller Blasts The Concept Of Toxic Links, Again

    Google’s John Mueller once again blasted the “concept of toxic links,” he wrote on Reddit, “The concept of toxic links is made up by SEO tools so that you pay them regularly.” As you know, John is not a fan of link selling, buying and removal services – including tools that tell you what to remove.

  • Some Reporting Fewer Links Reported In Google Search Console

    I am hearing numerous reports from SEOs that the link report within Google Search Console is showing drastically fewer links than it did a month prior. I am not sure if this is impacting all SEO, but there are a number of SEOs complaining about this.

  • Google Images “See Exact Matches” Helps You Find Who Stole Your Images

    Google Images lets you upload an image, and then it may show you an option to “see exact matches.” This essentially will show you all the locations where the image is found by Google across the web. Obviously, this can help you find out who stole your image, and then you can have fun trying to get them to take it down.

  • Google Mobile Tests Large Blue Visit Button On Search Results

    Google is testing a large blue visit button on its mobile search results interface. The button is hard to miss and shows up under the sitelinks for some searchers. Again, it is a test, so many of you will likely not be able to replicate it.

  • Google Grayed Out Its Logo On Memorial Day Again

    Google has grayed out, muted, its logo, for Memorial Day, again this year. It also applied an American flag under the search box with the message, “Honoring those who sacrificed.” That links to the search results for [Memorial Day] on Google Search.

  • Cirque du Soleil In Google Parking Lot

    Looks like Google had some circus act in the parking lot at the Googleplex, the Mountain View office. Satyajeet Salgar from Google posted a video on X of what he said was “Cirque du Soleil outside the office.”

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