Google Updates AI Overviews With How To Show Web Only Results & How To Give Feedback

Google has updated its help documentation page on AI Overviews to tell searchers how to show only web results in its search results (not show AI Overviews, videos, image, etc), plus how to give feedback on the AI Overviews Google provides. This obviously comes based on the backlash Google has received on some of these AI Overviews.

If you compare the help documentation page today to the old one, you will see Google added two sections. Here are the two sections Google added:

Show only web links in Google Search

AI Overviews are a core Google Search feature, like knowledge panels. Features can’t be turned off. However, you can select the Web filter after you perform a search. This filter displays only text-based links without features like AI Overviews.

Give feedback

If you get an AI Overview that you feel is unsafe, not helpful, inaccurate, or bad for any other reason, you can let us know by submitting feedback. Your feedback will help this experience improve.

  1. At the top right of the overview, click Menu .  
  2. Tap Feedback.  
  3. Select the element of the AI overview your feedback is about.  
  4. Select the feedback category. 
  5. Optional: Add a description.
  6. Click Send.

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This makes sense based on all the backlash recently about AI overviews and how easy it is to find bad AI Overviews. Here are some of the articles from the weekend on this:

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