Google Ads With Larger Images Again

Google Ads has been showing larger images on and off for a while now. But here is an ad for a law firm that has really large images on the desktop search interface.

This was spotted by Anthony Higman, who posted this example on Twitter – I should note that I cannot replicate this:

click for full size

To compare, this is what I see at most:

click for full size

I should say that on mobile, I do see some really large images in ads:

click for full size

As a reminder, we saw large image ads a year ago and like those, these do not seem to be like the new swipeable carousel ads but they are more like the 2019 large image ad test, also Google has done this for automative ads starting in 2016 but they started testing large images for search ads back in 2013.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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