Google Local Chat With A Live Agent Expanding

In May we reported Google was testing a “chat with a live agent” button for some local panels within Google Search. Well, that feature might be rolling out more fully now.

Joy Hawkins, a local SEO who is on top of things, said she on X, “First time I’ve been able to spot this chat feature in the wild!” Adding, “A few of my employees can replicate this. Maybe it’s rolling,” also saying, “It’s more rolled out than before for sure. Lots of people could see it when I shared yesterday. I’d see if you can replicate on the examples I shared.”

I personally can see it as well, and so can others in the US. I am not sure if this goes beyond the US…

Google Local Chat With A Live Agent

Do you see it?

Here are more screenshots:

Forum discussion at X and Local Search Forum.

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