Google Rolling Out Dedicated Perspectives Feature

Google may be rolling out the dedicated “perspectives” filter, not just the perspectives filter that rolled out a couple of weeks ago, but the perspectives carousel. This is what Google announced at Google I/O where they said, “You can also access this content through a dedicated Perspectives section that may appear on the results page, which builds on our earlier work to bring more diverse voices to Search. By tapping the “See more” link, you’ll be able to access the same full page of perspectives content that you would by tapping the filter.” The dedicated version is now rolling out for some.

I personally was able to replicate it once while in Chrome iOS mobile incognito but then I lost it. I tried tons of mobile browsers but still can’t get it back. Either Google is rolling it out slowly now or it is a test.

Glenn Gabe just spotted it this morning and posted some screenshots on Twitter:

click for full size

click for full size

When you click for more results, it will load the perspectives filter. Here is more clarification from Glenn:

What I find weird is that in the example that shows the Google April reviews update, it shows Reddit and Quora. While Glenn sees that in the Perspectives feature, I see the same two results in the older discussion and forums feature:

click for full size

In any event, it looks like the dedicated Perspectives feature is starting to roll out.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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