Matt Abbagnaro On Getting Into PPC & Google Ads Performance Max

Matt Abbagnaro On Getting Into PPC & Google Ads Performance Max

Matt Abbagnaro was kind enough to meet me in some parking lot last minute to discuss search marketing. We picked the parking lot so I can find an Electrify America charging station and charge while we do our interview. I did not find the charger, they were broken anyway, and I decided to just drive around a bit to do search marketers in a car not drinking coffee edition.

Matt owns an agency named Search Engineers, they are a few-year-old company does works with service-based businesses. He started working at the beginning of COVID but he was let go and then started to market his music. Once he saw traffic coming to his music, he saw he can make this into a business. So he started an e-commerce business, which he sold in April 2022 and then started to do client service work.

He does mostly PPC and started doing Google Ads prior to smart bidding and performance max. So we spoke a bit about performance max. He said performance max works best when you give it enough data, and that is true. Google representatives have told him that PMax needs about two weeks to learn, but he said he needs to give it more data.

He sometimes is surprised to see the success of performance max. We then spoke more about PMax in general.

You can learn more about Matt Abbagnaro on Twitter @TheRealLilStain and on LinkedIn.

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