Wix Supports IndexNow

Wix now supports IndexNow, the Microsoft initiative to make indexing more efficient and faster. With that, Microsoft said, “more than 60 million websites are publishing over 1.4 billion URLs per day to the IndexNow API.”

This is turned on by default, there is nothing Wix customers need to do.

We recently spoke to Fabrice Canel of Microsoft about IndexNow where he said IndexNow has more than 20 million unique sites and 2 billion URLs per day processed through the protocol. So we are up 40 million sites since then but down 0.6 billion URLs per day? Maybe I misheard him?

Fabrice added with this news, “This month, IndexNow 12% of all new URLs clicked in web search results are first discovered in IndexNow.”

In August 2022 we were at 16 million websites using IndexNow, so the growth is continuing.

Here are some quotes from SEO Wix’ers:

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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