Bing Chat History For Personalized Answers May Not Work On Chrome Or Firefox

Last week, we reported about the new Bing Chat personalized answers feature that uses your chat history to give you a more tailored answer to your queries. But that might only work in Edge, Microsoft’s browser.

When I tested this feature, I couldn’t trigger it, so I assumed it was still rolling out. But it turns out that this seems to work for those on Microsoft Edge only and I was using Chrome for my testing.

Mikhail Parakhin from Microsoft confirmed this on X saying, “We are more careful in other browsers for now, yes.” The question was, “every time I’ve used Bing Chat on Chrome or Firefox for the past few days I can only send 5 messages and don’t see chat history. Tried signing in and out. This is multiple browsers/computers and even multiple IPs. BUT, things are good on Edge. Is this how it should be?”

Here is what I see in Chrome (click to enlarge):

Bing Chat Previous Chats Missing Chrome

But this is what Microsoft demoed last week (click to enlarge):

Bing Chat Previous Chats Example

One has the chat history and the other does not.

Here are those tweets:

I assume it will come to Chrome and Firefox in the future…

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